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  Biz-Stay has proved to be a valuable partner in our online marketing strategy by providing us with a host of targeted clients specifically looking for our product. Their performance has been entirely result-oriented and our metrics have demonstrated that they offer excellent ROI in terms of the advertising dollar spent with them. Highly recommended as a service and a product.
Rohit Seth, Manager - Electronic Marketing & Distribution
Glen Grove Suites & Condominium Residences

  The exposure offered and friendly service of has driven many guests to our property. Right after the listing we immediately noticed the increase in sales. Their service has been outstanding. For almost three years we have had the same account representative, who is familiar with our property . . .  Since we listed with Biz-stay, our sales increased dramatically.
Maggie Dominguez, Manager
Commodore Inn The Grove - Coconut Grove, Florida is the premier source for extended stay lodging. Each day, we help thousands of travelers find corporate housing, extended stay hotels, serviced apartment hotels and vacation rentals in over 3,000 destinations worldwide. Our accommodation listings are selective because our users are generally searching for more than just a standard hotel room. If your business offers extended stay lodging (and you have a website) we invite you to sponsor a Premium Listing on Appears Prominently in Leading Search Engines


Premium Listing example:

Premier Luxury Suites - Chicago Premier Luxury Suites - Chicago Official Website
Tel: 847-562-8900, 800-864-2111
Please say you found us on
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Corporate housing provider with several locations in Downtown, River North, Gold Coast & Streeterville. From studios to 2 bedrooms. Premier luxury at very affordable rates.

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Premium Listing Pricing Options

There are 2 payment options for Premium Listings: a flat annual rate or the pay-per-click option.
Annual rates range from $30 to $250 per year, depending on the location in our directory. The annual rate is based on the number of visitors (or clicks) we anticipate sending to your website. This varies by location, and typically increases over time along with Biz-stay's traffic. As such, we provide annual rate pricing on a per-company basis, and there is a significant advantage to locking in the current rate.
The pay-per-click option is 28 cents per click regardless of location.
Here's how it works:
- First, you register for an advertiser account, into which you can deposit funds. The minimum payment is just $30. For pay-per-click deposits of $100 or more, we automatically add a 10% bonus. This reduces your effective cost to just 25.5 cents per click. (For larger payments, or multiple listings, please ask about our larger volume incentives.)
- Potential customers will see your listing on the appropriate city page of our directory, and click charges are then automatically deducted from your account if your listing is "clicked" and sends customers to your website.
- When your funds run out, your listing(s) will be taken offline. We will notify you so you can keep your account funded, but there is never any obligation to continue advertising.
- You will also be able to de-activate a listing at any time. This is useful if you wish to temporarily halt advertising and conserve your account's funds.
We have taken the risk out of online advertising with our pay-per-click listing service. You will only be charged if your Premium Listing succeeds in bringing you potential customers. Our technology minimizes charges for invalid clicks. Automated clicks and repeat clicks by the same user are disregarded.
Whether you choose the fixed annual rate, or the pay-per-click option, your listing will appear exactly the same, and will be shown in the same place. Premium Listings appear in randomized (rotating order) at the top of each section. We're confident that your Premium Listing will prove an outstanding value.

Premium Listing Features

All new listings on Biz-stay's city accommodation pages are Premium listings, with several features designed to provide more information to customers and to make your business stand out:
1. Premium listings appear first in their category (e.g. "Short-Term Housing").

To keep our system fair and simple for advertisers, we do not require bidding nor sell rights to any particular position. Premium listings
    always appear above standard (text-only) listings. If there is more than one Premium listing, they appear in random rotating order.
2. In addition to your business' name and a link to your official website, the listing will also display:
  -  Your logo or photo
  -  Telephone number
  -  Promotional text
  -  Map showing your exact location(s).
  -  Inquiry email form
3. You will have 24-hour access to real-time click stats for your listing.
4. Listings can be updated at any time by simply emailing our advertising staff. We can usually approve any desired changes and have them online within a few hours.

Key Benefits of Listing on

A Premium Listing on has several advantages over other forms of online advertising:
1. We send customers directly to your official website. Customers appreciate the ability to communicate with you directly.
2. It's less risky than banner advertising - you are only charged for traffic you receive.
3. Our low listing rates make us very competetive with other Internet advertising options.
4. Precision targeting yields a high booking rate:
   - users are looking for precisely the type of accommodations provided by listed properties.
   -  Properties are organized according to location (and/or type) to further guide users toward the best-suited
   -  Listings include text which may provide pricing or other important information you desire.
5. You pay us no commissions on your bookings.
6. Listings include a logo or photo, contributing to brand awareness even if your listing is not clicked.
7. Advertisers have access to real-time performance stats and receive monthly click reports by email.

Our Pledge

Over the years, we've enjoyed cultivating relationships with numerous satisfied advertisers. We anticipate continued success for many years to come. When a new advertiser sponsors a listing on Biz-stay, we look forward to their listing being renewed in the future. We know that this will only happen if advertisers receive excellent customer service and first-rate internet exposure for their businesses. We pledge to do everything possible to make you a long-term advertiser.

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To begin promoting your business on, please contact our Advertising Office. Be sure to indicate your location and provide a link to your website. We will be happy to answer any questions about pricing or listing specifications. We look forward to contributing to your future success!